Amalek – Now in English!

by Thibault Verbiest


Version originale en français

In a chaotic Middle East, some Islamic fanatics have joined forces with American evangelists to bring forth the End of Time, in an apocalyptic plot that would result in the destruction of both Iran and Israel.
Nine soldiers are selected for a last chance mission to save the world. A teleporter, based on new technology as yet unknown, must send them to a secret Egyptian base; this is the last opportunity to save the world from a nuclear holocaust. The commando is teleported, but they are not sent to where they were expecting. They find themselves just a few kilometres away from Auschwitz in 1943…

Amalek - cover english versionAmalek is a very original and fascinating book which skilfully blends different literary styles, combining an historic novel with a remarkably realistic description of life in the Birkenau Camp with science fiction and an initiation into the realms of the Kabbalah and quantum physics. Amalek is also a beautifully heroic story of love and reconciliation between Muslims, Jews and Christians, the sons of Abraham, in a world that needs this more than ever…

Here are a few accounts from readers and book reviewers of the initial French edition:

“Written with the pen of a seasoned veteran by a beginner novelist… now here’s a book that we’ll be hearing about.”

RTBF (Belgium French speaking Radio and Television)

“A remarkable piece of work, I must recommend it.”

La Pensée et Les Hommes (Men and thoughts), Belgium radio program

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ISBN of epub version: 978-2-930784-34-2
ISBN of kindle version: 978-2-930784-35-9

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